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Studying MBBS in the Philippines without NEET: What to expect

Studying MBBS in the Philippines without NEET: What to expect

  • Jun 08, 2023

Choosing to pursue a medical degree is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. For aspiring doctors who are unable to secure a seat in their home country or prefer an alternative option, studying MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) in the Philippines can be an appealing choice. The Philippines has gained recognition as a popular destination for international medical students, especially those who were unable to clear or did not appear for the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) in India. In this blog, we will explore what to expect when studying MBBS in the Philippines without NEET and why it has become a favorable choice for many students.

No NEET Requirement:

One of the primary reasons why studying MBBS in the Philippines is popular among Indian students is the absence of the NEET requirement. NEET is a highly competitive entrance examination in India that determines admission to medical colleges. However, some students may not secure a desired rank or may not have appeared for NEET due to various reasons. The Philippines offers an opportunity for such students to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor without the NEET obstacle.

High-Quality Education:

Medical universities in the Philippines are renowned for offering high-quality education. Many universities follow a curriculum that is similar to the United States education system. The programs are designed to provide a strong foundation in medical sciences and clinical skills. The faculties are experienced and dedicated, ensuring that students receive the necessary knowledge and practical training required for their medical journey.

English as the Medium of Instruction:

Another advantage of studying MBBS in the Philippines is that the medium of instruction is English. For Indian students, who are already well-versed in English, this eliminates the need for additional language training and allows them to focus on their medical studies from the beginning. It also enhances communication skills, which are crucial in the medical profession.

Affordable Tuition Fees and Living Expenses:

Compared to other countries offering medical education, the Philippines provides a more affordable option for international students. Tuition fees in medical universities are comparatively lower, making it a financially viable choice for many students. Additionally, the cost of living is relatively inexpensive, ensuring that students can manage their expenses comfortably.

Exposure to Diverse Clinical Cases:

The Philippines has a diverse patient population, giving medical students the opportunity to witness and treat a wide range of clinical cases. This exposure is invaluable as it helps students develop their diagnostic and practical skills. The country's healthcare system caters to various diseases and conditions, enabling students to gain a comprehensive understanding of medical practice.

Eligibility for FMGE:

Upon completion of the MBBS degree in the Philippines, Indian students are eligible to take the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) screening test conducted by the Medical Council of India. Clearing this examination is a prerequisite for practicing medicine in India. With proper preparation, students who have studied in the Philippines have a good chance of passing the FMGE and commencing their medical careers in India.


Studying MBBS in the Philippines without NEET offers a viable alternative for students who are passionate about medicine but faced challenges in their home country. With high-quality education, English as the medium of instruction, affordable tuition fees, exposure to diverse clinical cases, and eligibility for FMGE, the Philippines has emerged as a favorable destination for international medical students. As with any educational endeavor, thorough research and careful consideration of personal circumstances are essential to making an informed decision.

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