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Neurons Education is concerned about the privacy of the data and information of the users accessing our services on any of our websites accessible through various devices. We collect certain information (Name, Email, Phone Number & others useful information) of our visitors and we are committed to maintaining the secrecy. The Neurons Education Services is one of the leading educational recruiters of the country and this Privacy Policy is for and other associate websites and apps.

This Privacy Policy refers to NeuronsEdu website that helps you understand how we collect, use, share, and protect all your information when you visit our website and use our services. We request you to read our policy before using the app or website connected to us. We are glad to inform you that we have a secure server to protect your data and our technology team reviews our database regularly to secure your personal information.

Keep in mind that, if any user does not accept any point of our privacy policy or term and conditions, then we will not allow them on our platform. Also, by clicking the agree button, you are giving your consent to your data for further proceedings. The term “We”/ “Us” / “Our” used in this document refer to

What Information do We Collect from You?

When a visitor visits our website or downloads our APP then we save their name, phone number, email id, and academic interests. Same information we collect during the registration or query. We call this data “Personal information”. Affinity Education may use this data to contact you, analytics, research work, sending service updates, promotion of the company and etc. We believe that privacy is the right of everyone so that we encourage you to read every point of our policy.


Affinity Education sends your browser/computer a tiny digital file, popularly known as Cookies. It helps us to treat you faster and makes us understand your academic interests. You have the option to accept or reject cookies.

How do We Protect your Data?

We use best practices of technology to protect your data. Also, we have an expert team to monitor it, till your information is on our servers. We do regular maintenance to neutralize any security issues.

Social Media runs channels, pages, and accounts on some social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, etc. to inform and engage with you. We keep eye on reviews and record comments to improve the services that we provide to our users.

We are not responsible for any information posted on those sites other than the information posted by its employees on its behalf. We are only responsible for our own use of the personal data received through such sites.

Exceptions may update, change or modify this policy at any time with advance notice. We will display a prior notice on the website or send Users an email. If You have any concerns or want to reject the changes in the privacy policy, You can refuse to accept the measures and opt for withdrawing Your Personal Information by writing to us at